Schedule Change and Reminders

Hi Coaches!

There have been some last minute changes made to the Volleyball Schedule affecting a number of schools.  Please make sure you check over the schedule before your season officially begins!  We don’t want any schools travelling needlessly.

Also, don’t forget that it is the responsibility of the winning team to enter the results of your match into the website.  A reminder that we DO NOT need the scores of individual sets.  Please just enter the number of sets won by each team (ie 3-1).

Thank-you and good luck this season!

Volleyball Season

Coaches, players and parents,

Welcome to another season of CTAA Volleyball!
We are currently creating the schedules for the Volleyball Season, we will need to make edits and corrections as we do this (It is a work in progress).  As we work on corrections over the weekend, please do not print off your schedules until Monday!!