About Us

 The CTAA organizes volleyball and basketball leagues which culminate in playoff structures.  We also run two soccer tournament days giving all schools the opportunity to participate in a competitive soccer tournament.  Volleyball takes place in the fall, basketball in the winter and soccer in the spring.


CTAA Council

Paul Murphy (St. Kateri) pmurphy@ldcsb.ca
Anthony Turudic (St. Nicholas) aturudic@ldcsb.ca
Lisa Santandrea (St. Marguerite D’Youville) lsantandrea@ldcsb.ca
Sarah Irvine (Blessed Sacrament) sregan@ldcsb.ca


Association General Aims

(Established 1973; Revised 1978; Revised 1999; Revised 2004; Revised 2012)

  • To provide an additional area of interschool competition to complement the intramural and sports program provided by the Department of Physical Education and Recreation;
  • To aid in developing a sense of responsibility, belonging, and respect for oneself, one’s school, and one’s team;
  • To furnish an atmosphere where a student and coach can develop an understanding and appreciation for fair play and sportsmanship;
  • To provide a school team experience for those students who would otherwise not have that team experience;
  • To arrange an opportunity for those students who welcome a competitive team atmosphere.