Sr Basketball Schedules

Hi Coaches –

The Sr Basketball Schedules are now posted. Please check over your schedule carefully. A few important notes:

1) If your school hosts a double header, please begin the games as soon as possible. Start times are listed at 3:45pm and 4:45pm but we understand that schools may have different end times and travel time also plays a factor in start time.  Please limit warm up times to keep the games on schedule.   

2) As in the past, if your team is unable to play one of your scheduled games for any reason, please contact the coach of the opposing team to discuss rescheduling.  The Coaches Contact List will be posted on the CTAA website.  Once you have rescheduled, please let the CTAA know so we can update the website.  

3) Coaches are responsible for the supervision of the players on their team at all times.  Please make arrangements that work for your team but keep in mind that you cannot leave players unattended – this is no different then if you were playing in a tournament or before or after a regular league game. 

4) The rules have been revised to be more consistent with FIBA and coaches need to make sure the new rules are being followed even if you are using volunteer refs.  It is important that we are consistent throughout the entire league.  We have also added a new scoresheet to the website for you to use. (Click on the heading BASKETBALL to find these updates).